Top 5 Nintendo Emulator For Android

Nintendo DS is a type of handheld gaming console which has some of the amazing features which you would love to know and experience.To be very frank on the other hand, the NINTENDO DS EMULATOR has not got as developed as some of the other gaming consoles which are being launched in the market nowadays.

Some of the best Nintendo DS Emulators for your android device are as follows:-

  • SONY PSP:-

SONY PSP is one of the most popular HANDHELD GAMING CONSOLES even till now.It has been amazing you since seven years with the help of its newer models being launched at regular intervals of time.It has got several games in it and some of the initial handheld consoles of from which it started were-GameBoy Color,GameBoy emulators for Android and so forth..

The release of these gaming consoles signified that games can also fit into your pocket if they are appropriately made so that you can play them whenever and wherever you want.These handheld gaming consoles have gone through time to time modification and advancement so that you can have more fun and excitement while playing the games.

If we compare the ASeDS with the other NINTENDO DS EMULATORS we can say that this is the NEWER TYPE OF NINTENDO DS EMULATOR.It has got several features such as-

  1. It has got CHEAT CODES.
  1. It has got FRAME SKIPPING feature.
  1. It has got CUSTOM BUTTON LAYOUTS and so forth..

It is a type NINTENDO DS EMULATOR which has comparatively very less problems in its working and is quite smoothly playable.But the advertisements are a little irritating.One the best part is that it is easily downloadable and installable in your ANDROID DEVICE AT FREE OF COST.

It can be downloaded through GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

  • DraStic DS Emulator:-

Nowadays,It is one of the most useful Nintendo Emulator .while testing it played very every game pretty well. only few of them work wrong,but others some work rightly.

emulator contains lots of features which includes screen layout customization,controller customization,support for hardware controllers,fast forward,google drive support,and some enjoyment of improved graphics. the available price is $ 4.99. this is too cheap to buy. It’s a good deal.

You can download it on GOOGLE PLAY STORE

  • NDS Boy:-

NDS Boy is the latest Nintendo Emulator for android devices.Its edges are some but rough.The high end devices are only supported in this. It can be easily download from Google Play Store.It doesn’t works well if the device is not high ended. It helps to save or load the states. It is customised control it supports many of the NDS game files. This is totally free of cost and there is no app purchase in it. This can be your favourite emulator after buying the new smartphones which is high ended.

  • RetroArch:-

RetroArch, It is the best emulator as it has the multi feature and it work as an all in one emulator.It can be easily downloaded from the Google play store for free and it is supported by the various games which is included with the Game Boy , Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Ds, e.t.c..The applications will be downloaded one at a time in the android device.

You can easily download and get Nintendo DS core and you will be able to play the games.It is not much user friendly as compared to other.

Congratulations, Now you know the Top 5 Nintendo Emulator For Android.