Top Battery Saver For Android You Should Try

Nowadays, the smartphones comes with the many latest technology It provides the large screen to the user with the wireless connections like Wifi and Mobile Network. The user always have the issue of battery draining and they carry the backups with them Charger, Power Banks, Car Charger and many more So the companies have try to solving the problem or issues of the user but it also not working well because it plenty of applications in their smartphone.

As it gives many features to the user so it is obvious that it will drain the battery of android smartphone. There are various types of application for saving the battery of android phone. We have picked some best battery saving application which saves the battery but it also boost the power of battery.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver, it provides the service to the user of single master which helps to turn on or turn off the application . It is updated after the developer consider the feedbacks and reports from the user. It has more than 10 millions download and people loves it as they have loved the antivirus of Avast The application display the life and remained battery which helps in taking the other actions for increasing the battery life. It is among the reliable battery saver in the category of battery saving application.

The user is not forced to do what the application wants it gives the user to pre set the battery saving profile as per the situation. The user can easily switch their profile and can store and manage in the application

Avast ,is the best and well known for its anti virus it people has loved their new app Avast Battery Saver for android.

Battery Doctor – The Power Saver

Battery Doctor, It is developed for the user of smartphone like Android and iOS. It is easily available on Google Play Store for installing and downloading the application on the smartphone. While exploring the application you will find many options from which you will able to save the battery back up of android phone.You can also optimize the battery by stopping some application which are running in the background.

It also you to check the condition of the battery of smartphone App type. It has the different power saving features. It shows the exact battery remaining time and it controls the brightness and stops the application running in the background


Greenify, It is the most popular application for the android smartphone with more than the 50 millions download the users. It is totally free and easily download and install from the Google Play Store. The applications which runs in the background of the smartphone are the biggest reason of battery draining. It tries to close that application so the battery remain time can increase. It has been proven that it do not saves the personal information of the user as CPU ,Ram,etc..

Download Greenify

Battery Optimizer and cleaner

This application is developed by the Intel security. It helps in disable the applications which are opened in the background and tries to improve the performance of the smartphone. It provides various options like it helps to free the storage and memory of the smartphone and it configures the setting which are required.

This application scan the internal storage and external storage of the smartphone and it finds the images which are duplicate and blurred for increasing the space. It provides some other amazing options of data saving as it lets the limit and shows the data usage.

Congratulations, now you know the Top Battery Saver For Android